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Cryoskin FAQ

Tan Care

Spray Tan Preperation

WAX & SHAVE- At least 24 hours prior to your appointment and shaving should be completed with a razor that lacks a moisture strip.

SHOWER & EXFOLIATE-Use an exfoliating mitt or one of our approved exfoliation products. NO DOVE or OLAY products on your skin.

SPA TREATMENTS-Tanning should always be the last beauty treatment received. Facials, waxing, shaving, mani & pedis should be done 24 hours prior to your fan.

NO BARRIERS- Forgo and lotions, oils, deodorant, perfume or make up the day of your appointment.

Spray Tan Maintenance

BEFORE RINSING-Do not get wet or sweat until your initial rinse. No showering, working out, lotions or liquid foundations on the skin.
If you have pets, do not let them lick you.

NO TOUCHING- If you touch yourself while your tan is developing, this could result in stained palms or an uneven tan.

INITIAL RINSE & FUTURE SHOWERS-Do not rinse until your designated time provided by your technician. Only spend 1-2 minutes using your hand only to rinse off the bronzer. Pat dry. 24 hours after your initial rinse you can use soap on your body avoiding Dove and Olay. Avoid long hot showers, loofahs & wash rags.

ACTIVITY CHECK- Avoid swimming in the pool/ocean for long periods of time, long hot showers/baths, saunas and excessive sweating. Remember a tan is body makeup.
Also, make sure you are staying hydrated.

Cryoskin Preparation

Avoid Sugars and Carbs 2 hours before and two hours after your appointment. Make sure you are hydrated.

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