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Jaymee Borelli

Owner | Ciao Bella Glow

Owner Jaymee Borelli is a licensed Full Specialist out of Plant City FL who was trained and certified in spray tanning by celebrity tan artist, Isabel Alysa. Before Ciao Bella Glow (Hello Beautiful Glow), Jaymee worked as a lingerie specialist. The first thing women do when they walked into her fitting room was point out every flaw on their bodies. Hearing the ways they would speak about themselves was heartbreaking for her. She spent her days boosting their confidence, speaking positivity into them and encouraged the women to see themselves through her eyes, beautiful, strong & radiant. When Jaymee graduated her Full Specialist program she thought hard about what her next steps would be. She wanted to continue helping people feel like their best selves and create an environment that everyone who entered would feel comfortable. This is how Ciao Bella Glow was born. When you enter the spray tan room or any of the treatment rooms Jaymee and her team speak positivity into you. They find joy in their clients leaving the salon feeling like the glowing, powerful people they are.

Our Team


Emily Kieffer

Cosmetology student and spray tan artist


Dianie Ortiz

Facial Specialist & Owner of Delicate Element Spa


Amanda Fishbaum

Facial Specialist & Owner of Supple Skin Care


Lisa Hernandez

Antares Spiritual Healing Alternative & Holistic Health Services

Ciao Bella Glow Team

Licensed Full Specialist

Spray Tan Artist

CryoSkin Tech

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